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Kansla of Sweden, a little bit of Swedish magic in New Zeland...



Hi guys, I’m finally back by the laptop. While not blogging here I have been busy running my Market Shop Alicecoshop and have started an online shop too. So that’s kept me away and my now 5 ½ month old baby, Spencer that demands cuddles (which is easily given) and mummy’s attention pretty much all the time.





A range of gorgeous pieces from Kansla of Sweden, different gemstones in colors to match any outfit, white, clear glassed and frosty as ice, or warm earthened.

It’s amazing though how being pregnant and having a baby changes you..and once the baby’s born you slowly morph back to your old self, to find that you are still very much a girl or the woman that you used to be, just twice as busy and possibly twice as big. You want to fit into your skinny jeans and wear necklaces, have a wardrobe that doesn’t consists of saggy t-shirts and sloppy leggings and get your hair done once in a while. You want to be noticed by your husband, boyfriend/partner or anyone that looks at your direction by the way.

I found that my craving was wearing pretty jewellery, it was actually something I really had longed for. So, I’m back looking at new designs and unique pieces to ‘frost’ myself with, with some of my new ‘mum’ notions attached though (jewellery like necklaces needs to be safe to wear, while the baby is playfully pulling it)or for when the toddler decides to kidnap a pieces and chew on it for a second or two.

..and so I found it, the perfect range of beauty meets practicality, and me adoring anything Swedish this year there’s a jewellery range that not only is designed in Sweden but also inspired by it. During my last event/market I decided to wear a pearl scattered; Kansla of Sweden necklace. Turns out, kiwis like ‘Nordic’ pieces just as much and for a few weeks now I have used this necklaces everywhere, I let my sunglasses dangling in this necklace and I found that it magically turns my basic outfits to designed and me just as much (and I get comments on it too). Practic, tick..beautiful..tick..unique and affordable..yes!



So, I had to share this label, Kansla that stands for 'a feeling' in swedish (evokes feelings for sure) and their range. Not bad for busy moms or anyone that wants to wear a statement piece with a daywear feel attached. Real gemstones and durability to last the roughest handling of toddlers or dribbling babies while fresh faced enough to attract the most disconcerting of fashion critics, a win win for me:-)

Have a great weekend coming up, xxx Alice

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