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H&M Fashion Spring & Summer Collection

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Isn't the color match gorgeous, layer up and roll up from H&M-09


I actually worked for H&M a few years back as an Assistant Buyer at L.O.G.G-Label of Graded goods..H&M is a Swedish company so it's a great opportunity living in Stockholm where the Head office is and I grabbed it of course. It was a stressful time but a great experience that makes you more humble rushing around under a pretty moody boss or a grumpy co-worker.

But perhaps we where all a bit grumpy and stressed out, bumping into eachother as we ran down the hallways double-checking colors and patterns,fits and designs..


Check out the chunky knitted cardigan!


So a little story from the past..Hi guys! Suns up and warm here in NZ so happy and knitting, I'm not going to stop my little project and will put it up soon..Updates, I went to Spotlight yesterday and found yarn and needles and now excited about a new design. It's surprising how much you can read up on while flipping through pattern-magazines. But the yarn, what's up with finding the right one? I ended up hunting for the creamy white heavy looking- big size yarn with no luck, but found a 'designed' variation of it, the next best thing? So little update with pictures of the finds from yesterday. Then again, how come yarn is so expensive?Your almost better off buying the ready made knits hanging in the store? I payed 9 NZ Dollar for the little yarn ball.. needed some over-sized buttons but for 5 NZ for 2 wood buttons is not even close to happen..Nope I will have to search the net for more finds.

h&m spring and summer collection 09

Love the Blazer and the skirt..

h&m spring summer collection 09


For now I'm enjoying H&M's new Collection for the hotter seasons to come and have found a few darlings that I just had to put up here at Hot Cake Fashion.

By the way, adding some pictures taken yesterday after a smaller and pretty stressed out shopping spread at Spotlight (my partner was waiting)

Here is My Cardigan, well the Project that I'm working on..


This Cardigan is the one I'm knitting, purl stiches, easy enough? I wanted to do the one with cable knitting but it was frusterating making the cable that I have to start with baby steps..?


Australian yarn in a nice big/small design..closest to off white I could find and happy..and then teh needles to make me keep going? Found a good size for heavier knits, size 8-11 US size.





cute blog!!! I love H&m and their spring collection looks fresh. You can knit?? Lucky, I'm terrible at those kinds of things. If you have time visit my blog and give advice. Also if you want we can exchange links. Libby~

thank you for adding me, and for the sweet words about my blog :)

Ohmigosh! I'm so in love with these pictures...and these clothes. I want to add all of this to my wardrobe!

the collection looks great. what are you up to in new york apart, just working with your brand?


Hoppas allt är väl! Du skrev till mig 2009-03-22, 'säkta mitt senkomna svar.

'Scuse me for writing in Swedish...

>Hej!Vill du byta link med dig?Jag är en mode desig... Hej!
>Vill du byta link med dig?
>Jag är en mode designer ute i världen, NZ och har en blog så jätte välkommen in och kika gärna på min kollektion medans du är inne-
>Här är min link:alice fashion news & fashion blog
>Kramar Alice

Wow! Jag gillar det du gör! Supersnyggt! Och jag har kollat din YT-sida, jättehäftigt!

Visst kan vi byta länkar och annat innehåll. Jag har bloggat sedan 2006 och koncentrerar mig inom hälsa och skönhet.

Jag "addar" dig pronto på min blogg.

Kram och ha dé bra!

 Hej Mia!

Vi kör på med svenskan..he he, well fun that you like my blog and have added me on your site!

Jätte varmt välkommen till Hot Cake Fashion! Ta hand om dig och alltid varmt välkommen in att inspireras och inspirera!

Kramar Alice

Hi Alice,
my name is Bea and I'm an Australian fashion design graduate chasing a design/buying job with H&M in Stockholm. I have an interview at the start of July (in Amsterdam) and I'm trying to find out what it's like to actually work for H&M at the head office. I read that you worked there as an assistant buyer. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
What was it like? I get the feeling that it was a bit stressful and that everyone works under pressure. Correct? But also inspiring and eye-opening at the same time?
I'd really love some advice from you if you can spare the time. My email is if you prefer to email.
oh and I hope the knitting's going well!
all the best

Hi Bea!

Thanks for your question, I have emailed you all the juicy stuff..he he..great to have you here and hope to keep in touch, would be fun to know how everything is going for you in the near future..

All the best! Alice

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