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Fashion Purses, LV's SS-09 are Adorable

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Fashion purses from LV = I Love

Marc Jacobs is the Creative Director at Louis Vuitton and what beauty that is..

louis vuitton madonna

Who else but Madonna stretching her dancing legs covered in Louis Vuitton. Leopard printed bracelets and frills, mix of materials and orange as a contrast.

My ten seconds of Fame on the Air Last Night, read more below...

LV Spring/Summer Collection-09

lv ss-09

lv ss-09

lv ss-09lv ss-09

Radio and I was on it in New Zealand!

I was on the Radio last night, merely as a last minute phone call not even thinking about being put on line. But there I was, On News Talk Back NZ and had a few seconds in the spotlight and feeling like a movie star?Well, I did mention Hot Cake Fashion and the fact that I'm in New Zealand trying to make it, designing and in the meantime picking fruit? I haven't even applied for a fruit picking job but the idea sounds fun and it's a great way to get some money in to invest more in the collection, Money doesn't grow on trees? It might as an Apple picker..he he, by the way, thanks for all the comments and emails received from the Kiwis listening to me last night...

To change the subject, no more Alice on the radio and more Louis and Marc?

LV finished of the Fashion Week in Paris in October-08 with a Spring/Summer Collection to die for, see pictures above..Also, a Autumn Collection in a vintage collaboration, creamy vs pitch black with over-sized details, see below..


There is a Fashion House out there that makes my heart jump, my cheeks blush and my wallet hide, it is? LV, Louis Vuitton with it's timeless leather printed logos and with that it could have easily been stuck there with Mulberry and Burberry but LV is hot and innovative and really Designed. Superstars are wearing it and favor it, is it because us mortal and 'normal-low paid' people can't afford it? We might not afford it, but loving it, wanting it is a different thing. For me as a designer It's like wine and chocolate, it's great for inspiration and who can resist the feeling of Falling or being in Love? Here is a taste of my wine..

LV Autumn/Winter Collection-09

lv a/w-09

Here is that rasberry/creamy nude color and check out the printed and super cute stocking;-)

lv a/w-09

I know it's not the outfit that you wear everyday, I think I would find it very hard to even grab that dress to the Party of the Year, but it's not for that reason girls, what a tailored look and I get so filled with inspiration! Lovely, lovely

lv a/w-09

Outfit with frills and edges, wavy and soft as only Marc Jacobs can imagine and make?..I have to start collaborating as well!

By the way: all LV A/W Pictures and more can be viewed at: coutorture










I have attached pic, thinking it's possible to do so after leaving reference link,if any disagreement please don't hesitate to email/contact me and I will remove them promptly! Regards Alice












wow.... l like them much.... but how can we afford it...

 Hi! A reply on how we can afford the LV's, well not many of us can and if we don't want to find dodgy deals and bags in rubber och plastic with questionable prints and somewhat crazy spelling mistakes we are bound to just glanze the magazines and hope that lotto comes our way.

I for one haven't been the biggest fan of LV since it seemed like everyone where carrying them and sometimes matching the fake bag with not so flattering outfits making it seem crazy to invest in the real deal when girls in highschool had them as gym bags. Either daddy's credit card or that notorius fake one.

I do what most of us do, glanze those magazines but a really good tip is digging through the local second hand shops, they sometimes have a great selection of vintage gucci, dior and lv and according to me that one notch up making it look that you've had your darling for ages and that itself makes it stand out as a real brand bag and not a copyied one..

Lot's of love and thanks for stopping by!


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